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In Tigrigna, Awetnayu means, it is our victory. Awetnayu.com is the embodiment of the “Mekete” campaigns or, challenges that Eritreans endured. It is a statement of victory. It means, ultimately Eritrea will come out victorious.

After the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia ended in 2000, renewed hostility or war  by other means was unleashed against Eritrea. The asymmetric warfare was designed to weaken the resolve, determination, nationalism and pride of Eritreans.  They targeted everything Eritrean including the legacy of bravery and valor.

Western powers led by Washington unleashed The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) led minority regime of Ethiopia to do their bidding to reverse Eritrean independence at best or, place a puppet regime.

To justify punitive measures, they demonized and vilified. They targeted the people, the youth, the economy, military, diplomacy, agriculture, infrastructure, politics etc.The illegal arms embargo, the economic sanctions were all part of these greater scheme.

The diaspora Eritrean community was not spared. They targeted Eritrean unity using regionalist and religious zealots to create discord and division. They employed the weak, the disgruntled and the traitors to troll and create disharmony amongst Eritreans especially in the diaspora since they believed it to be the strongest support of the government. Disinformation, misinformation based active psychological warfare was unleashed. They exhausted massive resources, political capital and hits on the reputation. They utilized UN, AU, EU, Arab league etc. to achieve their agendas

As the campaign against Eritrea intensified it became imperative for diaspora Eritreans to actively engage and combat the hostile campaigns directed at them. They demonstrated, organized Action-Day campaigns to email, write and petition officials in the US and around the world. Eritreans conducted lobbying and PR activities tirelessly. They fought the negative campaigns by the mainstream media day and night everywhere.

Eritreans faced unprecedented, concerted and sophisticated campaigns that aimed to antagonize, vilify, discourage, demoralize, dehumanize and belittle them into submission. Nothing was off the table. Martyrs day, Independence Day, Festivals, history of the struggle, the proud traditions of the Eritrean way and importantly the unity Eritreans have been tried.

This blog was established in defiance and to let them know no matter what, Eritrea will prevail and Eritrea prevailed. Eritrea won the peace by exhausting all its enemies into submission.

So victory is always ours. Awetnayu. ዐወትናዩ!!!

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