The Resilient People of Eritrea Will Overcome Covid-19

The people of Eritrea have been through life-changing events many times over. In 1941, after Britain won over the Italian army and controlled Eritrea, the brutal British Military Administration made Eritreans suffer. The British shut down the livelihood of the people and tried to starve Eritreans into submission.

Eritrea: A brief expose of the war crimes committed on innocent Eritrean civilians.

"The GSE and the Eritrean people should not be deterred from fully exposing and disseminating the abhorrent acts committed against innocent Eritrean civilians. Allowing our history to be told from the perspective of our former colonizers and present detractors is tantamount to trivialization of the atrocities and humiliation our people endured and distortion of our history."

Ethiopia on The Edge of a Cliff and Washington at Bay

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